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Library of Things

The Library of Things and Children’s Learning Kits is a collection of non-traditional library items that complement the LJCLS mission to ignite curiosity, facilitate lifelong learning, and connect our community. Patrons who borrow a Thing or Kit agree to abide by the LJCLS Library of Things and Children’s Learning Kits guidelines below.

Types of Materials Included in Collection:

The purpose of the Library of Things and Children’s Learning Kits is to provide diverse opportunities for learning and engagement. To further this goal, the Library of Things and Children’s Learning Kits may include:

  • Home improvement and assistive devices, such as power drills, hotspots [internet service], and sensory kits.
  • Science and technology kits, such as a digital microscope, telescopes, simple robotics, and beginner computer programming kits.
  • Craft tools, such as a sewing machine and lap loom.
  • Puzzles and games, such as board games, card games, group games, and jigsaw puzzles.
  • Children’s Learning Kits: kits designed to promote early literacy skills such as talking, writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

The Library of Things and Children’s Learning Kits are not intended to be comprehensive, and the library is limited by a finite amount of storage space for these items. For a full list of items available, visit our website at


The library staff will select materials for the Library of Things and Children’s Learning Kits based on the needs and interests of library patrons. The library welcomes input from the community concerning the collection. A suggestion for purchase procedure enables users to request that a particular item or subject be purchased by the library. All suggestions for purchase are evaluated using the same selection criteria as for other materials and are not automatically added to the collection. A Suggest a Thing for Purchase form is available at the Circulation desk in each location.

Due to limited storage space and the staff time necessary to evaluate, test, and maintain each Thing or Kit, the library can accept only a limited number of donations. The library does not accept materials that are not outright gifts and cannot guarantee the permanence of a gift in the collection. Materials donated to the library are received with the understanding that they are subject to the same selection, evaluation, and disposal criteria as material acquired for purchase. To suggest a donation, please email a description of the Thing or Kit and your contact information using the Ask a Librarian section of the LJCLS website.

Not all library materials may be suitable for all members of the community. Responsibility for a child’s use of library materials, regardless of format or content, lies with the parent or guardian, not the library.

Due to the nature of the items contained in the Library of Things and Children’s Learning Kits, these items will not be shared via delivery with the other libraries through the Interlibrary Loan Service. All library patrons are required to check out and return Library of Things and Children’s Learning Kit items to the Main Desk at either LJCLS location.

Evaluation of Collections

The library will use circulation data and community suggestions to guide future selections for the Library of Things and Children’s Learning Kit collection. Items that are not popular and do not circulate will be withdrawn from library collections according to the Collection Maintenance portion of the Collection Development Policy.

Library’s Use of Things and Children’s Learning Kits

The library reserves the right to temporarily take a Thing or Kit out of circulation to use for library purposes [workshops, demonstrations, or other programs] or repair a damaged item.

Proper Use and Liability

The borrower is solely responsible for the Thing or Kit and will be billed for reasonable repair or replacement costs associated with damage or loss of Things or Kits and any peripherals due to neglect or abuse.  LJCLS is not responsible for any injury, loss, or damage from using a Thing or Kit.  Borrowers assume all liability and responsibility when borrowing and using a Thing or Kit.  Instruction manuals are available either within the Thing or Kit box or will have a QR code or internet link that will take the borrower to the instruction manual(s) provided by the maker of the Thing or items within the Kit.


Things Currently Available: *requires an adult to fill out an agreement form

  • Specialty Cake Pans

  • Crochet Hooks

  • Knitting Needles

  • Sizzix Sidekick*

  • Yoga mats

(Pictures coming soon!)

Click here for more information.

(Pictures coming soon!)

  • Alzheimer’s Kits*

  • Dementia Kits*

  • Dungeons and Dragons Starters Kit

  • Parkinson’s Kits*

Click here for more information.

(Pictures coming soon!)

  • Activity Kits*


  • Astronomy Kits*

(Pictures coming soon!)

  • Math Kits*

(Pictures coming soon!)

  • Reading Kits*

(Pictures coming soon!)

  • STEM Kits*

  • Wipe clean workbooks

(Pictures coming soon!)

  • Kid’s Fishing Combos

  • Battery Maintainer*

  • Booster Cables*

  • Digital Multimeter*

  • Electric Drills*

  • Socket Set*

  • Tool Set*

  • Trucks

Our adapted toys were generously donated by See Me…THRIVE! Adapted Toys!

  • Switch-adapted Counting Animal Friends Book*

  • Switch-adapted dance & groove Rockit*

  • Switch-adapted Ice Fiber Optic Lamp*

  • Switch-adapted Lights and Sounds Dinosaur*

  • Switch-adapted Lights and Sounds Elsa*

  • Switch-adapted Musical Light Bar*

  • Switch-adapted My Pretty Learning Lamp*

  • Switch-adapted Scented Spin Art*

  • Switch-adapted Wheelz Stuntin’ RC Wheelchair*

  • Switch-adapted Baby Shark Song Game*

  • Button Switch*

  • Hand-held Thumb Switch*

  • Wobbly Switch with Mounting Arm*

  • Tiny Switchy: latching/timed switch modifier*

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